Erasmus + Courses

Mitropoulou-Mourka Vasiliki:    
Fall Semester
2091 Religious Education in Europe of Diversity (επιλογής)
5103 Learning in new Technological Environments (I) (Μεταπτυχιακό
5110 Didactic Methodologies in Contemporary Learning Environments (III)(Μεταπτυχιακό Γ΄εξάμηνο)
Spring Semester
608 Teaching of the Subject of Religious Education with ICT (Στ΄ εξάμηνο)
2043 Modern trends in planning and implementation of Teaching approaches with integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (Επιλογής)
Myridis Nikolaos:  
Scientific Field: Informatics in Theological Studies
Undergraduate Courses
1. [207] Informatics & Theology
[2nd Semester]
2. [2032] Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage. WebPages Construction
[3rd to 8th Semester]
3. [2102] Cybernetics-Smart Digital Era. e-Governance: Organizations, Commissions, Subsidies
[3rd to 8th Semester]
4. [2034] Digital World [Internet and Image Processing (Photoshop)]
[2nd to 8th Semester]
5. [2103] Digital (e)-Museums, e-Libraries, e-Encyclopedias: Search, Display & Metrics of Information
[3rd to 8th Semester]
Postgraduate Courses
1. (4122) Methodology and Principles of Research. Electronic Resources and Investigations [1st Semester]
2. (4123) Multimedia A: Digital Creation and Processing of Cultural Objects [2nd Semester]
3. (4124) Multimedia B: Digital Processing of Files, Documents and Collections [3rd Semester]