Wellcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the website of the School of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our website aims to inform its visitors about the history of our School, its spatial structure and administration, as well as its structure in the individual Sectors, to which a large number of subjects are divided. Regarding the scientific staff of the department, the website includes a presentation of the members of the teaching and research staff with the interests and the educational-research activity of each one. Here, anyone interested can be informed about the study programs, undergraduate and postgraduate, the scientific activities of the School, the organization of the library and  also about the Computer Laboratory. We believe that those who wish to be informed about the organization and operation of our School, whether they are students or members of our university community, will be significantly assisted by navigating this website.

Head of the School
Associate Professor Nikolaos Mangioros