We may reserve accommodation for you after the 28th of September for the autumn semester and after the 28th of February for the spring semester

The lodging possibilities are basically two:

Our University can accommodate ERASMUS students in two dormitories:

1.           7, K. Matsi str., with

a) 40-Single rooms with bathroom at 7,5 € per day

b) 2-Double rooms at 6,00 € per day / per person

Check-in hours 07:00 a.m.-12:00 noon (from Monday to Friday)

In case of a later arrival (after 12:00 noon)-you should spend the night in a hotel
( as you will not be able to enter the Residence for safety reasons

2.           134, Kassandrou str., with

a)    6-Single rooms with  bathroom and kitchenette at 11,00 € per day

b)     7-Single rooms with shared bathroom and kitchenette at 10,00 € per day

c)     6-Double rooms with bathrooms and kitchenette at 7,00 € per day/per person

Check-in hours 08:00 a.m.-20:00 p.m. (from Monday to Saturday)

In case of a later arrival (after 20:00 p.m.)-you should spend the night in a hotel ( as you will not be able to enter the Residence for safety reasons

- The residences (7, K. Matsi str. and 134, Kassandrou str.) are in walking distance from the University Campus while Efxinos Leschi is 15 minutes far (by bus).

-The dormitories provide the students with blankets and bed linen and there is a common kitchen with all the necessary equipment. There are also several card telephones for the students. There are also washing machines and internet connection for the students.

-                Foreign students are in principle guaranteed a single or double room  in one of the students' residences under the condition that a)the form has reached our Department before the main application deadlines for the Autumn (June 30) and Spring (November 30) semesters and b) there are still free places at the students' residences.

-        The rent should be paid every month, in advance and no reimbursement will be made in case of early departure. Please be sure that you are able to meet this payment otherwise, you cannot obtain the key of the room.

ARRIVAL: Once we have received the student's application form, the student will receive a letter or fax informing him/her of the possible places that has been reserved for him/her (about a week before arrival). It is necessary to indicate the arrival date on the application form since the lodging will only be available on the mentioned date. Any change in the arrival date should therefore be communicated a week in advance.

Shared Flats: There are private flats, rented by the owners directly to the students. Flats rented by separate rooms are uncommon; therefore, the rent must be paid in total to the owner.

The electricity, water and telephone expenses are not included in the rent and will have to be paid separately to the owner. The flats usually have blankets but not always bed linen and almost never towels.

-Our Department provides only advice on privately rented property available in the area close to the University Campus. For more information, plese visit: (Ads for private accommodation)

Cost of Living

Thessaloniki is known as a "friendly" city with an active cultural life. Beyond the museums, there are numerous movie theaters, (foreign films are screened with subtitles), several theaters, a state and a city orchestra, cafes, restaurants and bars.

It is estimated that, on the average, a Greek student spends at least 600 Euro per month for private accommodation, utilities, food and transportation. The following list includes the prices of some basic goods that determine the cost of living:


Price in Euro

Restaurant meal

8,00-12,00 €

Student bus-ticket

0,80 €

Bread leaf (0,5 kgr)

0,75 €

Milk (1 lt)

1,40 €

Beef (1 kgr)

10,00 €

Filter coffee (450 kgr)

4,50 €

6-egg pack

1,80 €

Cinema ticket

7,50 €

Concert ticket

14,67 €

Students with dependents

The majority of property available to accommodation services is for single people only. Students seeking accommodation for dependents, such as spouse and children, should ensure that this is mentioned in detail in the accommodation form. Do not attempt to bring dependents to Thessaloniki without first securing accommodation. Due to the limited availability of family accommodation, this procedure may prove time-consuming and very difficult.

Students with special needs

Students with special needs are required to submit details of any disability, which may affect the type of accommodation suited to their particular needs together with the application for help in finding accommodation.         

Social Policy Committee of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (, e-mail:, tel: +30 2310995360/5386)

The Social Policy Committee of A.U.T.H, established in 1997, contributes to the following issues:

-confronting problems which the students of our University might face.

-strengthening the inner life of A.U.T.H

-connection of A.U.T.H. with the city of Thessaloniki

-cooperation with the foreign students of A.U.T.H

-cooperation and promotion issues of students with special needs

-enforcement of the cultural life of students' groups

-organization of events/lectures for students

-establishment of Center of Counseling and Psychological Support in the students' club

-establishment of Blood Bank of A.U.T.H

The Social Policy Committee reinforces the development of several interests of the University society and contributes in everyway to set up the University as resort of scientific, cultural and social offer.

University Gymnasium

The University Gymnasium (about 22 acres), including an indoor athletic center, is open to students and staff and operates from September to June. All students have the opportunity to exercise and take part in various sports such as Keep-fit, floor gymnastics for female students (modern, classical aerobic), gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, football, table tennis, weightlifting, ski, water sports (swimming, water polo) and Greek traditional dances.

The Sport Centre organizes annual internal championships for many different sports, and it also participates successfully in all inter-university national championships organized by the Sport Committee for Higher Education. A total of 150 students participate in A.U.Th. Sport teams. The Sport Centre has also a traditional Greek dancing group.


To use the sports facilities, you have to submit:

    1 photo
    Student's passo (which will be given by the Erasmus office)

Registration: Every week day at the secretariat of the University Gym 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-19:00

Web page:

The students have also access to a number of sport facilities scattered in the city, including tennis, basketball courts and swimming pools. The following sport centers are located within walking distance from the campus:

-National Swimming Pool (in the North of the University campus), tel: 231 0203126 (to-129),

-Kaftatzoglio Sports Stadium, tel: 231 0205535,

-YMCA, tel: 231 0274710 and 231 0275026

A.U.T.H Camping facilities

During summer the students can use the A.U.T.H. camping facilities at Poseidi in Chalkidiki, a summer resort at a distance of about 150 km from Thessaloniki, at a very low cost. The Camping facilities include sports and entertainment facilities, hygiene facilities, restaurant, two life-guard towers, fire-protection, a beach bar, a students' kiosk, and a small convenience store.