Greek Language Courses


-There are four two-week courses organized specifically for LLP/ERASMUS students with the support of the EU (LLP) at the beginning of each semester: two in October and two in March (beginners' level).
-The School of Modern Greek Language of A.U.T.H organizes Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (E.I.L.C.) on the following periods:
a)Intensive Summer Course
b)Intensive Winter Course Information on the website:

Residence Permit NON EU-STUDENTS are advised to contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate in their country for entrance regulations prior to their departure and then to apply for a three-month student visa to Greece. These students will receive from the Erasmus Office of A.U.T.H an invitation letter prior their arrival in Greece. Students who are going to study in Thessaloniki for more than three months should apply for a Residence Permit at the Immigration Office of the Municipality of Thessaloniki (19, Odysseos str., tel: +30 2310375339 & 2310556390) having the following:
1. 4 colored photos-small size.
2. A copy of your passport and a copy of your visa.
3. A certification that you are an Erasmus student which is provided by our Department in Greek language.
4. A confirmation of scholarship from your home University that needs to be translated by a translation office.
5. A confirmation of health examinations (blood test and chest x-rays) which can be done in every public hospital. 6. A copy of the health booklet that is provided by our University.
7. The letter of acceptance which was sent by our Institution to your University.
8. 3 yellow application forms which you will be given by the immigration office
9. 2 File-folders with two elastic cords.

In the following pages, you will find the main points concerning the housing contract of your stay in the students' residences. More detailed information can be obtained from the Department of European Educational Programmes, (Mrs. Nikoletta Kapnizou, tel: +30 231 0995166, Ms. Vasiliki Mpoukla tel: +30 231 0991391).