The Library of the Faculty of Theology

Generally The library system AUTH is to support the processes of learning, teaching and research at the University of Thessaloniki, by providing factual information in any format (books, magazines, non-print materials, electronic materials, legal access to network services, etc. .), while informing and guiding the user for optimal use. This information is conditional, and available to users outside the university community. The library system AUTH constituted by the Central Library (CL) and the Regional Libraries (RL). The CL is located in its namesake building campus and is the central management unit of printed and non printed material covering the needs of the library system AUTH Regional libraries (RL) of schools, departments or groups of related departments of Aristotle are housed in the premises of the respective schools and departments. The Library of the Theological School The single Theological School had four Study, covering their respective theological disciplines, and an Educational Laboratory. After the division of the school, classrooms are on both Departments. Since October 1986 the Department has its library. It is located beside the offices of the Secretaries-shaped area with reading capacity hundred people. The reading series has the necessary instruments and institutions usable study (dictionaries, keys, etc).