Rules and Regulations

Access to Library
Each student becomes a member of the library by submitting to this registration form. Then becomes a personal identity and may borrow books.
The students, graduate, doctoral, etc. have access to the stacks with an indication of their ID book or study, which let employees.

Borrowing and Term Borrowing
Borrow books in the lobby of the library, indicating the ID (library card). Students are entitled to borrow 4 books for 15 days, while the graduate, the doctoral faculty and 15 books for 1 month.
All members are entitled to borrow only 1 book about 3 hours or 3 days (rows, thematic courses, etc.).
The loss of the first card represents a fine of 5 million, the second in 20 million and the third deletes the reader. The outside the university order to get a library card pay EUR 50 million and borrowed 3 books.
The card is valid for all libraries AUTH If there are outstanding (a fine or loss of a book) can not be given a certificate from the library to any reader (student, graduate or doctorate).
The late return of books draws a fine, which amounts to 0,30 € per day or per hour. The fine for lost books is at least 35 €. The reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.), magazines, graduate theses and dissertations do not borrow.
Books belonging to lines and lent thematic cycles if third copy, and only a few hours.
All books returned at Borrowing. Those books have not been committed by others could borrow again in the same reader again.

General Rules
Users may not use the library card of another student. The books must be returned in the condition received, without damage. In the Library prohibit smoking, eating, coffee, soft drinks. Allowed only water.
It is Prohibited in any way inconvenience the reader (available speech, noise, etc.).
Bags and backpacks are housed outside the library.