Open Hours
Borrowing and return of books every day Monday-Thursday from 8:30-19:30 and Friday 8:30-14:30 am. The Board of incunabula is the reading and access to it is daily 9:00-14:00 noon. The incunabula not borrow and do not get a photocopy. It is only available for digitization.

The Library operates alarm system. Please confirm the correct procedure for borrowing before leaving the site of the Library.

There is a possibility of photocopying (charges) from photocopying machines are located in the Library. The photocopying is done by special cards (50 and 100 photocopies at a cost of 2 and 3.5 million respectively), provided by the Library staff.

Location of Books
Art books are in the 1st vivliostasio left of the stairs, and continue the journals in alphabetical order.

Doctoral, postgraduate, ecclesiastical history and dogma, are at bookself 10 and on the right wall.

The series is in alphabetical order rolling, climbing down the stairs right, and interpretative series is the last drop.

The thematic cycles, the Bible, the functional, the law, conferences, homiletics, philosophy, the ecumenical movement and honorary volumes, the right and left wall of the 1st stacks.

The ecumenical patriarchate, literature, Rome Vatican, codes, scripts, the Ecumenical Councils, ecclesiastical music, and Psarianos Fougias, are rolling in 2nd from right at the 1st bookself.

Search Books
Before getting to the library, readers lock their belongings in lockers, leaving a nature that when they get back the key. Seeking to do by themselves, sufficient to indicate non-call number, in which thematic circle or row, etc. is the book. The site you can search is and from there:

    Electronic resources
    List library OPAC (Open Public List)
    Library catalog

Clicking on the title of the book, appears throughout the recording (series and themes). As a series may be a major publishers such as Institute for Balkan Studies, MMC, etc.

Note: The reader should be familiar with the structure of the library.

Personal information:
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Tzeliatis Apostolos Tel. 996690

Alexandra Tsarouchidou Tel. 996690

FAX. 996691