Religion and Towns - Interdisciplinary Network on religion, culture and politics.

The interdisciplinary network "RELIGION AND POLIS" aims to study the phenomenon of religious and especially the ways in which religion interacts with politics and culture in the new globalized environment.

The religious ideas and beliefs seem to affect the public and private space and affecting the functioning of institutions, shaping identities and meeting with the Other. The study of these issues requires the cooperation of scientists from different disciplines. For this reason, established the interdisciplinary network "RELIGION AND POLIS" with the participation of teachers from the departments: Theology, Philosophy, Law and Political Science. For the first half of 2010, the network organizes seminar course focusing on the issue of violence and its relationship with the religious phenomenon.

Network members: Miltiadis Constantine (Prof. Aristotle University), Ioannis Petrou (Prof. Aristotle University), Yannis Stavrakakis (Accoc.Prof Aristotle University), Philemon Peonidis (Assist.Prof Aristotle University), Lina Papadopoulou (Assist.Prof Aristotle University) , Nicholas Maggioros (Assist.Prof Aristotle University), Costas Papastathis (Associate Lecturer AUTH), Panagiotis Harris (PhD)

(Room Konstantopoulos, Law School Building, University of Thessaloniki - START TIME: 19.30)

Violence and religious phenomenon

  1. Religion and Public Space (28/01/10), I. Peter, Sociologist, Professor AUTH
  2. The treatment of dissidents. The example of Konstantineias period: Ambrose and Eusebius of Caesarea (11/02/10), Maghioros N., Assistant Professor, School of Theology AUTH
  3. Neutrality, Religious Symbols and the Search for a European Public Sphere (25/02/10), Koukouzeles K., Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Crete & Lina Papadopoulou, Assistant Professor, Aristotle University Law School
  4. Migration and religious conflicts (04/03/10), N. Papageorgiou, Assistant Professor of Theology, Ch Tsironis, Lecturer, Faculty of Theology, Aristotle
  5. Rough O God of the Old Testament - Modern Interpretive Approach (18/03/10), M. CKnstantinou, Professor of Theology Faculty of AUTH
  6. Utopia, Violence, and the eschatological outlook (15/04/10), G. Stavrakakis, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Aristotle
  7. Social and political aspects of contemporary Islam and the rise of fundamentalism (29/04/10), Ziakas A., Lecturer, School of Theology AUTH
  8. "We Maintain Thermopylae": The Jerusalem Patriarchate and the Greek nationalism (06/05/10), Papastathis K., Department of Political Science, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  9. The concept of charity (and its embrace of violence) (20/05/10) (T.B.C), Davaki N., Researcher, Department of Social Policy LSE