European Thematic Network on "European studies on the interaction Religion and State" - EuReSIS NET (European Studies on Religion and State Interaction)

The program was approved and funded by the European Commission. Launched in October 2006 and will last until 2010. There are only two programs of this type in Greece, coordinated by the AUTH The specificity of the network is the participation of members from all European countries. In EuReSIS involved 70 members from 31 countries including the accession. The overall aims of the Network is an educational and scientific approach to link different levels of state - such as religion in Europe, for example:

  1. The role of religious beliefs in shaping the political and economic behavior.
  2. The protection of religious freedom with respect to the individual, state and religious communities.
  3. The relationship of religion and religious structures and democracy.
  4. The phenomenon of fundamentalism in all its expressions (genesis, social and political dimension).
  5. The terms and forms of making an ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.