Leonardo Da Vinci, Intercultural Program: Training of Specialized Executives in the Approach of Problems of Intercultural Communication in the Fields of Local Community


The main goal of this program is to encourage dialogue and coexistence in local communities. Seeks to protect the human rights of all EU citizens, regardless of nationality and race and of course regardless of the cultural backgrounds of each citizen. It should be noted that long-term benefits of such action citizens can come from the harmonious coexistence of various minority groups in other older communities.

The movement of populations in the EU (expected to increase with EU enlargement) and the arrival in many ways, young people have already created several problems in the European Union which mainly relate to xenophobia and racism. A large part of European society considers the existence of these groups 'young people' as a threat against the well designed framework of values, norms, attitudes and social settings in which people feel safe to live.

Understanding the needs and cultural references of the "new people" from the "old people" and vice versa, could reduce the influence of some factors leading to xenophobia. This action is linked with other having to do with the welfare state, may have long-term effect on the reduction of unsatisfactory conduct "young people", who sometimes even if it is useful as labor, living in social exclusion. Restricting all forms of violence are important.