Interdisciplinary elective courses entitled "Development of entrepreneurship and innovation in cultural and religious space"

The program bears the general title "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme is coordinated by the Department of Economics and involved segments: Information Technology, Biology, Theology, Chemistry, Agriculture, Veterinary, Common. Theology, Forestry, Physics, Engineering and Marine Engineering, Physical Education, Medicine, Philosophy and Pedagogy. From the Department of Theology involved about 30 students.

The project aims to encourage and support students from 14 sections of Aristotle to engage in business activities - innovative applications and to take entrepreneurial initiatives in scientific fields of specialty. More specifically, it intends to enrich the knowledge, skills development, opportunities contact with enterprises, incentives to encourage and support students in 14 sections of Aristotle to establish and develop their own business units to contribute to competitiveness and efficiency of economic units to be offered work.