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Dept A: Biblical Studies and Study of Religion(s)
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Dr. Angeliki Ziaka (Ph.D., University of Strasbourg, 2002) is Associate Professor of Religion, Member of the Scientific Committee of the new Undergraduate Program in Islamic Studies at the School of Theology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and Visiting Professor at the Schools of Political Science and Education. She studied at the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies in Rome, the History Department of the Royal University of Amman, and has conducted research in Iran and Oman since 2006. Dr. Ziaka was a LUCIS Fellow (Leiden University Centre for the Study of Islam and Society-2014) and a Fellow of the Middle East Institute at Columbia University in the city of New York (2017).

She served as the Scientific Coordinator of The European Program “Life Long Learning for Christian and Muslim Theologians of Thrace on Issues Related to the Teaching of Religion, Religious Diversity and Intercultural Religious Education” (2014-2015). She has also acted as an expert advisor to the compilation of the new Secondary School Religious Studies Curricula (2014-2015) under the supervision of the Educational Policy Institute.

She is a member of the Greek Delegation to the ΙΗRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance)- Academic Working Group, a Member of the Volos Academy for Theological Studies – where she is heading the Sector of Interfaith Relations, as well as a Member of the Supervisory Board of Madrasahs (Thrace) in addition to membership in a variety of international Associations and Centres.

Her publications include La Recherche Grecque contemporaine et l’Islam (Strasbourg 2002 / Lille, 2004); Shi‘ism. Religious and Political Dimensions in the Middle East (Thessaloniki, 2004, in Greek); Between Polemics and Dialogue: Byzantine, Post Byzantine and Contemporary Greek Literature on Islam (Thessaloniki, 2010 and 2017 in Greek); Interreligious Dialogue: The Meeting of Christianity with Islam (Thessaloniki, 2010 and 2016 in Greek); Οn Ibadism (Hildesheim/N.Y., 2014); Kalam and the Islamic Trends of Thought (Thessaloniki, 2016, in Greek). Intercultural Religious Education and Islamic Studies. Challenges and Perspectives in Greece, Europe, USA (Bilingual edition Greek/English, Athens, 2016). Religion and Conflict. Essays on the Origins of Religious Conflicts and Resolution Approaches (London, 2011).


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