Kyriatzi Antonia

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Dept B: Church History, Christian Secretary, Archeology and Art
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Antonia Kyriatzi is  a  Lecturer of Ecclesiastical History and Literature of Greece in the Faculty of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She studied in the Aristotle University, in the Pontifical Oriental Institute-Rome and in the Vatican School of Librarianship. She teaches Church History and Literature of Greece, Methodology of Research and Writing in Church History, Literature and Ideological movements during the Ottoman domination in the Church of Greece.
Main publications are:
- John I archbishop of Thessaloniki: His Life, Writings and Theology (6th-7th century), Thessaloniki 2009.
- Andreas Papadopoulos Vretos. Contribution to the History f the formation of Theological Bibliography, Thessaloniki 2009.
- Spiritual movement and ideological currents of the nation and Hellenism during the Ottoman domination throughout the edition of Booklets, Thessaloniki 2009.
She is coordinator and contact woman for the Greek section of the European Society of Women in Theological Research.
Office Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 11.30-13.30 - Room 320, 3rd floor.


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