Mitropoulou-Mourka Vasiliki

Associate Professor
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Dept D: Worship, Christian Education and Church Administration
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Mitropoulou-Murcia Vasiliki is Assistant Professor of Pedagogy and Teaching (with emphasis on ICT) in the Faculty of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She studied Italian Literature and then Theology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she continued her postgraduate studies and her doctoral dissertation. She teaches Introduction to Pedagogy, Didactics of Religion, Practice in the "Teaching of religious education," Modern Educational issues,  Modern Teaching Design Trends in Religious Education, Religious Education and New Technologies, Teaching Religion with ICT, Learning Theories in technological environments, Teaching methodology by integrating ICT into learning environments. Main publications are: Educational software in the teaching of religious education, ed. Vanias, Thessaloniki, 2008, New Technologies and Religious Education, ed. Vanias, Thessaloniki, 2008, Sociocultural learning theories. Application into Teaching with the use of ICT, ed. Vanias, Thessaloniki 2009, Models for citations and references, ed. Methexis, Thessaloniki, 2009, Jonassen D., Howland J., Marra R. & Crismond D., Meaninglful Learning with Technology, ed. Methexis, Thessaloniki, 2009, (translation), ed. Methexis, Thessaloniki 2011. Trainer in seminars for school teachers of Religion and clergymen. Chairman of Hellenic Educational Society – Branch of Macedonia. Coordinator of the Erasmus Intensive Programme (IP) with title: The contribution of Religious Education to a Europe of Diversity» held in Thessaloniki from 21-31/05/2012. Coordinator of a teachers’ group for the digital enrichment the e-books for Religion (Primary and Secondary Education).

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