Procedure for obtaining a PhD

To join the process of obtaining a PhD (DD) it is required Masters Degree or other recognized equivalent Masters title Magister (Master, MTh, etc.).

For the PhD the following procedure applies:

    1) Submission to the Secretary of the Department: a) the application and b) detailed planning of the area in preparation issue of a thesis approved by a hearing teacher who belongs to the rank of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor in the Department.

    2) Appointment of three member advisory committee appointed by the GASC accordance with Article 13 of 2083/92, only one member of which may be a lecturer.

    3) The three-member Advisory Commission, in cooperation with the doctoral candidate within three (3) months from the definition of sets and submit to the Secretariat of the Department of the topic title.

    4) Here are at least 2 semesters of research of the candidate in question was assigned. The duration of Ph.D. thesis, at least the two years since the release of the issue to GASC

    5) The absence of a member of the Advisory Committee on sabbatical leave shall not preclude the continuation of the proceedings. The replacement can be made by the GASC Department.

    6) At the end of each year shall be deposited with the Advisory Committee Report describing the progress of the candidate.

    7) Once the applicant completed his research project, presented to the Advisory Committee, while a letter informing the President of the Department.

    8) The Advisory Commission within one month from the date of the project the candidate in the final form of scientific work, decide whether it needs filling or appropriate and shall inform the Chairman of the Department. In the latter case the proficiency allows the writing of thesis.

    9) The duration of contract and submission of a thesis may not exceed 4 years from the date of issue. It is possible to extend the deadline for one year after a reasoned proposal of the "Three Advisory Committee's decision GASC If the project needs to supplement the candidate to resubmit following the same procedure.

    10) After writing the thesis the candidate shall submit to the Secretariat of the Department in 12 copies with an application for a crisis and note the original elements of this work and curriculum vitae.

    11) The Chairman of the Department forward the thesis to the Advisory Commission, which within 30 days submit an explanatory report. If you missed the deadline, the process continues without the rapporteur.

    12) After the presentation of the explanatory report or the expiry without action of a period of 30 days to GASC decide to set up a seven-member selection committee.

    13) The applicant submits his thesis before a Committee of Inquiry, convened by the President for a meeting within one month of its definition.

    14) The Committee of Inquiry chaired by Professor Consultant finds the original content of the thesis and substantial contribution to science and file a report to the Secretary of the Department. The examination is conducted in public. The President of the Examination Committee after the oral test announce the result of a crisis. If a candidate obtained 5 positive votes awarded to him by a vote of degrees: "Welcome," "Very Welcome" and "ARISTA.

    15) The designation of the PhD candidate in Theology place at a meeting of the General Assembly in the presence of the Rector or the Vice Rector of Aristotle, and the solemn oath with that of graduates and postgraduates.