Teaching Personnel

Sector A: Department of Biblical Studies and Study of Religion(s): 
Title Position Office Phone Email
Mourtzios Ioannis Professor 2310-996997 imourtzios@theo.auth.gr
Pachis Panayotis, Dept A Director Professor 2310-996933 pachisp@theo.auth.gr
Nikita Anna Professor 2310-997112 akolts@theo.auth.gr
Ziaka Angeliki Associate Professor 2310-997919 ziaka@theo.auth.gr
Timoleon Galanis Assistant Professor timgalanis@theo.auth.gr
Pyrovolaki Marina Assistant Professor mpyrovol@theo.auth.gr
Moschos Goutzioudis, Dept A Director Associate Professor moschosg@theo.auth.gr
Sector B: Department of Church History, Christian Secretary, Archaeology and Art: 
Title Position Office Phone Email
Amoiridou Evangelia Associate Professor 2310-997033 eamoir@theo.auth.gr
Arampatzis Christos Professor 2310-997023 arab@theo.auth.gr
Ioannidis Fotios Professor 2310-996990 fioan@theo.auth.gr
Valais Dionysios Professor 2310-997480 dvalais@theo.auth.gr
Evangelou Ilias Associate Professor 2310-991369 iliasev@theo.auth.gr
Oikonomou Eleni Assistant Professor 2310-996967 eleloik@yahoo.com
Yfantis Panagiotis, Dept B Director Professor 2310-996917 pyfantis@theo.auth.gr
Chatzouli Glykeria Associate Professor 2310-996944 glychatz@theo.auth.gr
Kyriatzi Antonia Assistant Professor 2310-996941 akyriatz@theo.auth.gr
Sector C: Department of Dogmatic Theology: 
Title Position Office Phone Email
Stamoulis Chrysostomos Professor 2310-996977 stamchr@theo.auth.gr
Kourempeles Ioannis Professor 2310-997093 kourebe@theo.auth.gr
Tsompanidis Stylianos, Dept C Director Professor 2310-997478 stsompa@theo.auth.gr
Sector D: Department of Worship, Christian Education and Church Administration: 
Title Position Office Phone Email
Skaltsis Panagiotis Professor 2310-996657 pskaltsi@theo.auth.gr
Maghioros Nikos, Department Chair Associate Professor 2310-997132 nikmag@theo.auth.gr
Mitropoulou-Mourka Vasiliki Associate Professor 2310-997075 mitro@theo.auth.gr
Rantzou Maria Assistant Professor 2310996940 rantzou@theo.auth.gr
Stogiannidis Athanasios Assistant Professor 2310996627 athastog@theo.auth.gr
Sector E: Department of Ethics and Sociology: 
Title Position Office Phone Email
f. Vasileios Kalliakmanis Professor 2310-996972 vkalliak@theo.auth.gr
Papageorgiou Niki, Dept E Director Professor 2310-996973 nipap@theo.auth.gr
Myridis Nikolaos Assistant Professor 2310-996970 nmyridis@theo.auth.gr
Tsironis Christos Associate Professor 2310996910 tsironis@theo.auth.gr
Panagiotopoulos Petros Assistant Professor panapetros@theo.auth.gr