Undergraduate Studies

The undergraduate study program provided by the School of Theology aims to provide high quality education in the academic field of theology as well as the study of religion and culture. The main objective is to prepare theologians, teachers of religion for secondary education, theologically trained clergy for the Church, staff who can offer social work and work for cultural or religious organizations, researchers capable of studying both the Christian (and especially Orthodox) theology and, more generally, the diversity of the religious phenomenon.

To graduate from the School of Theology students have to attend and successfully complete 44 compulsory courses (75%) and 18 elective ones (25%) Ten compulsory courses require theoretical knowledge and internship. 30% of the courses require, further to lectures, a written essay; 10% of the courses requires continuous assessment and exercises. Final exams are written, oral or in a project form.Students may apply to participate in the "Internship program" of the School of Theology. After going through the selection procedure, students get involved in one of the three directions: a. Teaching in secondary schools, b. Pastoral work in parishes and dioceses, c. Social work in the Church, Local Authorities and NGOs. All students are required to participate in the "Internship on Teaching Religion" that takes place in secondary schools in Thessaloniki.